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We offer an experienced team that brings your vision together beautifully thanks to our skill set and know-how. From your first meeting with our general contractor to the final coat of paint, we’ll give you a place you’ll feel proud to call home.

Your Ideal Residential Construction Project

We’ll Bring Your Vision to Life

As home builders, our team takes on the responsibility of crafting a safe and efficient home that sustains you and your family. That means we keep you involved each step of the way.

From your first meeting with our general contractor to the layout of your home and any special requisitions, All Building Construction gets you everything you need. Tell us the location you want and we’ll work with you to secure any necessary permits and make sure your home complies with zoning laws and your vision. 

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All Building Construction Specializes in Unique Projects

We pride ourselves on helping our clients get a unique build or renovation they can’t get anywhere else. Think your project is too weird, too demanding, too specific? Think again. 

Let us get it done for you the right way – with an incredible team and years of experience right here in Oregon.

Work with an Incredible Architect

Get the perfect design for your residential construction directly from our team of professionals.

  • See every stage of development.
  • Review the floor plan and help us make it ideal for your family.
  • Check any details like staircases, door placement, and any other element you want done your way.
Interior project

Get an Energy Efficient Home

Our team can help you make the most of each element of your build and save you money for years to come with great updates.

  • Save on heating and cooling with better windows.
  • Install the best HVAC system to keep your costs low.
  • Use the best lighting for the environment and your home.

Residential Construction Done Right the First Time

Our team takes their time to make sure each phase of your home is perfection.

  • Get a home that meets every zoning law and keeps the environment safe.
  • Contact us at any point in the process for feedback or to get an update on our progress.
  • Watch your home come together up close and in person.

What’s it Like to Work with All Building Construction?

Highest quality contractor around. Does amazing work and when it comes to detail, he is the best. Amazed at every bit of work that he has done. And as honest as they come. If you need anything construction done, use All Building Construction.”

– Matthew H., Customer

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