Outdoor awning patio project.

Deck & Patio Installation with All Building Construction

Outdoor living space can be such a wonderful blessing, especially as we welcome the arrival of spring. It’s the perfect opportunity to start a beautiful new day or to retreat to a peaceful haven at the end of a long one. A well-designed deck & patio install can serve as an extension of indoor living space, providing a comfortable and inviting area to enjoy the outdoors. Not only does it offer space for serenity and relaxation, but it also becomes a hub for fun with family and friends on a sunny day.

Beyond its immediate benefits, a thoughtfully crafted patio contributes to curb appeal, increases home value, and offers health and wellness benefits. Spending time outdoors has been linked to numerous positive effects, including reduced stress levels, improved mood, and increased physical activity. Therefore, a well-designed patio provides a convenient way to enjoy these

Deck & Patio Install – The Process

When hiring a contractor to build an outdoor space you typically want to follow these steps:

  1. Design and Planning
    You will first want to discuss and draw what type of space you want, taking into consideration your wants, budget, and local building codes. You also want to discuss materials and durability that are ideal for the climate where you live. From there the site will need to be prepared by clearing and grading the space to remove obstacles and get the ground level.
  2. Prepare the Foundation
    The footings and posts will be dug out, forms set, concrete poured and now the foundation for your patio is set and ready to build on.
  3. Framing
    Once the lumber has arrived, the framing can commence. Decking material will be installed which could be pressure treated lumber, composite decking, or other materials of your choice. Decking is secured to the frame using appropriate fasteners and hardware and railings are installed for aesthetics and safety.
  4. Sealing
    Finally, the contractor will apply a sealant if using wood or any other kind of protectant to protect the wood from weather and moisture.
Deck & patio install project.

Deck & Patio Install – Safety and Stability

Throughout this process the contractor will take steps to provide safety and stability, including:

  • Checking the site for levelness and stability.
  • Using appropriate hardware and fasteners.
  • Installing railings and other safety features.
  • Following local building codes and regulations.
  • Ensuring the deck or patio can support the weight of the people and furniture.

We at All Building Construction follow these steps to ensure all safety precautions are met and that our McMinnville clients’ needs and wants are completed with the utmost care.